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Sound of Metal

GraceLi's picture

I really like the sound effect the movie created. For example, the contrast between playing drums in a extremely noisy concert with sounds fading away and not being able to hear anything clearly. I'm really impressed by how the movie pays a lot of attention in creating realistic sound effect of people who are hard of hearing and the sounds recovered by putting on the cochlear implants. The movie creates the sound effect of not being able to hear anything clearly, instead of just simply make all the sounds muted. This gives the audience an opportunity to emphasizes (not entirely) and learn more about deaf people's situation. 

I also like how the movie portrays the relationship bewteen Ruben and Lou. There are many details at the beginning of the movie which indicates Lou is not in her best mental states, in fact she is constantly at the state of extreme anxiety. This creates a significant contrast with her mental state after she comes back to her home with her father in Paris. Ruben's wish, or obssesion, of going back to the orginal life style is actually not the best choice for neither of them. The movie ends with an open ending, meaning that it doesn't tell the audience directly and exactly what happens between Lou and Ruben, nor does it tells the audience about Ruben's later life. However, I tends to believe that Ruben would probably go back to the Deaf community, where he has his connections with this world rooted.