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Thoughts on Crip Camp Documentary

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Overall, I really enjoyed this documentary as it gave a really close and in-depth look in the lives of disabled people in the latter half 20th century and their fight for equality in the US. First off, I really enjoyed the archival footage from Camp Jened, as it was so powerful to see so many disabled people in one place and having the time of their lives outside of the harsh ableist world that existed for disabled people back then. I think it really showed how empowering it was for disabled people to connect with one another, and it was with these connections that they were able to build a community once these children became adults that could help improve the lives of disabled people across the country. What was also powerful was the footage from the 504 sit-in, in which disabled protesters demanded that regulations surrounding section 504 of the Rehabilitation act being signed to push for the criminalization of discrimination against disabled people. Through this footage, we as an audience saw the solidarity between disabled protesters and the Black Panther Party, which provided food to disabled people participating in the sit-in. I also really enjoyed seeing the positive trajectory of the children from Camp Jened as they fought for equality during a time where disabled people were viewed as less than, especially with stories like that of the Willowbrook State School disaster of the time.