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Sound of Metal Post

Jude Chelico's picture

My favorite scene in the movie, and the one I view as its primary turning point, is the scene in which Ruben accompanies a young boy to the playground and, as they are sitting there, discovers that he can feel the vibrations in the slide almost like he would feel a sound with his ears. The gradual realization of the joy he still feels in the creation of rhythym and music, even without sound. This moment of connection demonstrates the principle of horizontal identities, as Ruben truly learns what it means to be deaf from the young boy. The simplicity of the line Ruben drums connects to the simplicity of the joy that the boy teaches Ruben. The stark pivot from Ruben's rebellious and resentful regard of his deafness before this point to the joy and acceptance he finds in the Deaf community afterwards shows how one simple realization can dramatically effect someone's sense of self-worth and identity.