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My self portrait represents what my autism and POTS feel like to me. I depicted the adrenaline rush I get from POTS with the glowing yellow veins. I feel the adrenaline in my wrists when it happens, almost as if there is an electric power within me but that I cannot access. The floating images, equations, words, and many other things floating around my head are how I represent what it feels like to have autism. It always feels like my brain is off engaging in some complicated idea, which is why I have trouble focusing, but is also why I can do integrals in my head. The ideas floating around all refer to something, ranging from simply referring to the subject of math as a whole to a very specific reaction I performed in Chemistry this year. I also drew in my ‘fluff cat’ since we’re friends and he shares (or stole) my room at home. He also often follows me around the house so it seemed right to include him. I drew myself with a neutral expression, as I often have when I’m lost in thought. I am wearing what I wear most: a t-shirt in my favorite color, cargo pants that hold my things (including two notebooks, a wallet, my key, and a set of Dungeons and Dragons dice), and no shoes, since it is more comfortable that way. I omitted my watch and bracelet so as not to distract.