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Description of Piece in Gallery

cecilianorris's picture

I chose a black and white photograph in the gallery. It is a pile of rocks. The view of the camera is from the bottom. You can see each indiviual massive rock at the bottom of the frame, and the rocks seem to be stacked on top of eachother, growing as you look up the picture to the top in a mountain-like peak. As the rocks grow they seem to give way to either some sort of fungus or trees at the triangular top peak. The top of the peak is a little flat. There is some grey shading at the top of the frame and it seems to come from the top of the peal, like a plume of smoke from a volcaneo. On either side of the mountain of rocks are two naked women. They sit just below the line where the rocks give way to trees or fungus. The women on the left has her right leg bent, the ohter stretched out in front of her on a rock. She face the view, but her face is tilted off to the left of the frame, looking slightly down. Her left arm is bent across her body gently holding her right arm. Her right arm is resting on her bent leg, her hand bent to support her turned-away face. On the right the women is faced slightly towards the right edge of the frame. She is squatting and she has her arms raised in the air. They are slightly blurry as if she is moving them. Her face is rasied, following the line of her arms, to the sky. In the description of the author, it talks about the idea of the Sky Women in Indigenous traditions. So these women might be a symbol of her, or they may be worshiping her. Sky Women fell from the heavens into the ocean and was saved by a turtle while a muskrat created land and mountains from mud. In the description it talks about the Sky Women "performing acts to reclaim the earth and fight against erasure". So perhaps this mountain is surrounded by the sea, and these women are 2 interpretations of Sky Women when she arrived on land. Or perhaps these women are followers and they are embracing their most natural form to follow Sky Women's goal to reclaim the earth. There are many different ideas or interpretations you could make from this piece.