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Deaf Jam Commentary + Thursday Agenda

Sarah W-J's picture

I really enjoyed watching Deaf Jam! Watching Aneta do poetry was really beautiful, and I truly loved the expressive nature of ASL slam poetry. ASL in poetry gives a whole other layer of meaning to poetry, something you cannot experience with spoken word. I also was able to reminsce during the poetry performance in Lexington's theater. The theater has not changed a bit since the movie was made, and it was so joyful to see the Lexington theater again on screen. I want to see if Aneta has produced more poetic performances in the future, I truly hope she was able to pursue this into her future and am also curious about where the youg adults in this film are today.

I believe in the VCAM you asked us to put a message on Serendip about what we wanted on our agenda in Thursday's class. Personally I would love to talk about Train Go Sorry as I have been truly devouring the pages of the book. Everything we have been talking about and discussing about is truly fascinating, so it's hard to choose, but on the top of my brain is Train Go Sorry.