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Crip Camp Comment

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So many things stood out to me in this documentary, such as how it embraced and 'normalized' sexuality as Sarah commented. It was also inspiring to see how much camp Jared provided the teenages, while not being very establish. Again like in Train Go Sorry we saw the importance of community for teens with disability who live isolated lives in a world made for the able-bodied. As Judith Heumann said she wanted everyone to be listened to at camp. The camp was able to give the teens a clearity that it was the 'systems' and inaccesibilty of society that was the problem not them. I think it really was this collective understanding that kickstarted the disability rights movement. I was also touched by how after 504 the future of disabled programs were being threaten again because of budget cuts, which meant again people had to mobilise to protect their rights. It was another line of Judith Heumann along the lines of, "if i have to feel thankful about an accessible bathroom, when am I every going to be equal in the community," that really hit home for me the message that laws can do lots, but they can't fix everythings.