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Crip Camp

Sarah W-J's picture

All I can say is wow just wow. Such a powerful movie too watch. While I learned about Camp Jened I couldn't help but wish I was there. I really wish I could find a camp like camp Jened today. I really appreciated the fact that they also had an adult program for adults with disabilities. Further, I was amazed at how a summer camp could spark such a revolution, Camp Jened truly changed legislation in the nation. The scene that stuck out to me the most was for sure the scene about crabs. I just loved how the camp showcased sexuality in disabled people, as most media infantilizes as and makes us unable to be objects of desire. The songs about Crabs and the way campers talked about it, truly showcased sexuality in disabled people and made it much less of a serious thing. Probably my favorite scene, teenagers being teenagers. This doesn't happen much in representation of disabled youth.