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ASL video post

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I was not able to watch the movie, so I did the ASL video option. This video gave ibsight into deaf culutre and ASL. Some of the thing sit discussed, I already knew form our lcass discussions and reading. However, there were some ideas that suprised me. Like deaf people invent signs within commuinities like families. These signs aren;t jsut for name signs, they can be for anything, and they do not tranalstae across groups like school friends would not be able to understand family signs. I learned about the concept of glossing,w hich is where deaf people use an english word to talk abotu signs so others understand. Also that the syntax and structure of american sign language is different than that of english. I also learned a lot about deaf pride. Some words thyey used to descibe themsleves were unique, courageous, animated, see themselves as more immature, and most of all they pride themsleves in being themself. I learned they have different ideas of politeness or repsect, like they dont say excuse me, they jsut go right through. Finally that they want hearing people to be involved.