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I chose to represent myself at this point in my life through a visual digital medium. I used layering and different colors to emphasize different parts of my self-portrait. I chose to represent myself in my college basketball uniform in a collaged and layered way. I used black and white rather than color because I wanted to represent that this is just a snapshot in the chain of events that make up my life, not something permanent. I also wanted to represent myself in my basketball uniform because I take pride in being an athlete that is also a Type 1 Diabetic and an advocate for disability rights. This is something I am proud of. My whole life people told me that it would be too hard to play a sport while having T1D, but I worked hard and am now living out my dream of being a collegiate level athlete! The background of my self-portrait is a blue sky which I chose as an artistic decision, but also a representation of nature because that is something that is a big part of my life. Layered on top of the blue sky are different words that people used to describe me when I asked them what the first word that came to their mind when they thought of me was! I chose to do this because I think it is hard sometimes to see the different layers of yourself and hearing these words from some of my closest friends seemed like a great addition to a self-portrait because it shows the different layers of my personality and life at this point of my life! I hope you enjoy my self-portrait!