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Idea to talk about in class

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One passage I found really interesting was at the end of one of Yessenia's chapters. Cheri asks Yessenia, "Does she [Joanne] think we're crips?" and Yessenia replies, "Yeah, probably. I hope so."

I thought this was a really interesting quote, especially after Joanne's chapter where we hear her reasoning about why she prefers the term "crip" to "disabled" or "handicapped". I wonder what Yessenia means here – is her reasoning the same as Joanne's? Do they prefer the word for the same reason? Or is it just that Joanne acknowledges the importance of their crippled/disabled identity? Does it have to do with being in community with Joanne, or with each other? Those were just a few questions I thought of, but I think it would be an interesting quote to discuss more.