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Disability in the media

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I chose this social media post from Scope part of a campaign called "End the Awkward" I think it's an interesting example of the media trying to address ableism but in reality isolating disabled people even more. Phrases like "disabled people have names like everyone else" and "you're trying to do a good thing" focus a lot more on what able bodied people should do to adjust to being around disabled people, as if that's some admirable thing, than they do on able bodied people addressing their own ableism. Not only that, but the things they're remembering to do are just basic human decency. The post makes it seem like disabled people are alien and require a lot of work from able bodied people to adjust to, but in reality that's not true. What able bodied people need to work on is their own ableism and how it comes out in day to day interactions. The post tried to promote inclusivity, but in reality failed to make the importance of taking responsibility for your own ableism clear.