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Self Portrait

Cecilia Morales's picture

I don’t consider myself to be an artistic person in the slightest. Drawing is not something that I ever do, not even the occasional doodle. Yet, it’s for that exact reason that I decided I wanted to draw for this self-portrait project--because it’s completely out of my comfort zone. That idea sums up what Fall 2020 has been like for me. Moving across the country from my home in California all the way to Pennsylvania has been an incredible challenge. The left side of the paper depicts my life in California while the right side is my life at Haverford. There’s a schism in between them which represents the struggle to consolidate these two identities. The schism isn’t a solid line but instead is blurred because it's impossible to compartmentalize these two aspects of my life--they both contribute to who I am. Many symbols can be seen scattered throughout my drawing, but there are two important ones that intertwine with the schism: the moon and rosary. My family and I constantly say “I love you to the moon and back” so the moon represents the love I have for them. The rosary represents my faith as a Catholic woman. Faith and family acted as the bridge between my two worlds; they kept me grounded and feeling secure no matter where I was at.  Overall I want this portrait to convey the qualities and skills that I’ve developed while being away from home. I’ve transformed into a more independent person, learned how to navigate a new environment, but most importantly I really solidified the importance of faith and family in my life.