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McBryde Johnson's dark writing

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Reading Too Young to Die was a stark contrast to the written work by Kleege. McBryde Johnson utilizes a much darker approach to writing in this chapter that is ingrained with her inner thoughts and sentiments. Unlike Kleege, who used her prose to well describe every aspect within her chapter, McBryde Johnson used her prose to bring out a very pessimistic sentiment. She awknowledges death with open arms and describes how that has affected her daily life. Something that impacted me a lot was when she said, "I don't see myself as morbid or obsessed but I think about death a lot. I know it isn't normal, but my relationship with death becomes part of me." This sentence was very impactful to me because of how casual it approaches death. It is depressing to see how death has become a part of a person like McBryde Johnson has faced. It made me wonder how the knowledge of a terminal illness would affect me in my day to day life. Would I also want to succeed like McBryde Johnson did? This section made me question how I perceive life a lot.