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McBryde Johnson Perspective

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I found this reading really interesting. Chapter 10 highlights the dynamic between artist and subject. As in traditional portraiture the subject is vulnerable to the perspective of the artist. In this case the photographers literally places her body in the positions they want. While perhaps this will capture the best portrait in the eyes of the photographer is it really representative of the subject? It's clear there is a clash betweeen the photographers view of her and her view of herself. What I found really interesting is how secure she was in that view. I think often when in vulnerable positions, like being photographed, people are forced to confront themselves, or at least how they want to present themselves. It is an interesting balance seeing McBryde Johnson trying to get herself represented acurately while still fitting to what the publication wants, and considering the impact the photo might have on her writing, and the disability community. I think there is value in seeing how other people see you, but there is also value in knowing yourself and sharing exactly that with others.