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Kleege on depth perception

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I just wanted to point out that Kleege, (someone probably without depth perception) was able to explain to me, (a person who has depth perception very rarely), the whole concept of depth perception and why I seem to have it occasionally better than any 3-D person has been able to explain it. I think this exemplfies the point we made in class the other day: it is almost impossible to truthfully experience someone elses way of living. I think I will be forever greatful for her explaination. However, there is one thing I would like to point out. Kleeges workarounds for depth do not always work. The clues that she suggests are not always available so people sometimes have to go on memory for the way things are supposed to be. For example, on a very bright day it is not possible to see shadows on curbs or objects that are moving. The occasional absence of clues means that while people without depth perseption can usually move about normally, they can sometimes fall on their face doing simple stuff.

BONUS: Do you want to expierience life without depth perception? Follow these steps and try a few things.

First, tie a shirt or other opaque object over your eye with better visioin. You should not be able to see anything when you close your free eye. 

Then try any of the following (each takes less than 5 minutes)

Walk the dirt path from behind Tritton hall to where it lets out onto the regular nature trail

Hand write a paragraph or so about anything you want

Find the largest set of stairs in your area. Climb all the way to the top and all the way back down

Play catch with a friend or try catching balls you bounce off your wall.

Thanks for reading!

- JT