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Guinness Basketball Commercial

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Guinness basketball commercial.

I came across this commercial when doing some research on advertisements that include people with disabilities. It displays a scene of a bunch of men in wheel chairs playing basketball. At the end, all of them except one stood up to go to a bar and drink the advertised beer. I thought it was a really interesting concept. How would you feel if all your friends played basketball in wheel chairs with you so that they would be at "your level?" Would you feel greatful that you have friends who are willing to play in wheel chairs so that you don't feel at a disadvantage? Or would you feel self conscious or even insulted? There definitely isn't a right answer, just something interesting to think about. The intention of the advertisement was inclusivity, and making accomidations for those you care about. This commerical made me think about how socially--such as in restaurants or schools--we tend to be extra hospitable for the disabled to the point where we don't even treat them how we would treat any other person. There definitely is a fine line between being accomidating and treating them completley differently than you would for any other person without a disability.