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Good Kings, Bad Kings (Spoilers)

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Teddy's death was just one example of how desensitized the kids at ILLC have become to their destructive environment. Beforehand, Teddy had willfully accepted being taken care of last by his caretaker. She framed it in such a way that made it seem enticing--Teddy would get to spend more time in his bed. These acts condition the kids to view themselves as afterthoughts with inherently less value. That's why he didn't treat it as a big deal when he fell over in the shower and was crawling to safety away from the hot water. His perception of self-worth was so skewed by his environment that he nonchalantly accepted being treated with dangerous neglect. The kids at ILLC don't know any better because they aren't shown a better way of life. Joanne is so important in the story because she not only served as a role model for the kids but she enlightened them on how they deserve better. She inspired Yessi through talking about Disability Justice and in turn, Yessi inspired the rest of the kids through her protest. Teddy's death was really the spark that disillusioned the kids and pushed them towards realizing their inherent value.