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Anna Self Portrait

Anna's picture

My self-portrait represents me before leaving for Haverford, on the left, and me at Haverford on the right. On the left, at home, I am in my bubble because I only know people from my hometown. I haven’t gone out of my comfort zone in my life—the sunglasses on the left show that i was shielded from the world. My eyes are fully open on the right as my eyes no open to more of the real world. I have a mask on because not only am I learning how to adult for the first time, I am doing it while in a pandemic. Finally, on the right, there are many things that I have to think of that I never had to at home that are represented by the thought bubbles. For example, for the first time, I flew in by myself from California and had to move in by myself; I represent this with the airplane. I also live in the apartments and have an allergy, so I had to take care of getting groceries for myself, budgeting, and cooking for myself, I used a bag of groceries to represent this. And lastly, I met people from so many different states. They opened my mind by telling me about their backgrounds and how they grew up. I have learned and grew so much this year, and I can’t wait to continue my learning through my four years at Haverford.