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Train Go Sorry Thoughts

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So far, I really like the book. I think it is interesting that it is first told in the perspective of a hearing person. I expected it to be told in the perspective of a deaf individual; however, it makes sense regarding the Deaf culture! I really like all of the different stories, especially Jame's. Since there are so many stories, I am extremely interested in reading all of the endings of them. I want to know if James got into college and how Sofia turned out. I have learned so much about how Deaf culture was a few years ago and it is quite interesting. I wonder if it has changed since the book has been written (it probably has). ASL is quite interesting to me. I have always wanted to take ASL; however, it was not offered at my high school. I am taking French this semester, but I hope to possibly switch over to ASL at Penn next semester (fingers-crossed). Overall, the book is very interesting to me and I cannot wait to hear the end!