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Take Me With You - Disability Culture

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For my presentation, I decided to choose a contemporary dance piece which I believe represents disability culture in some way. Although I might be over-analyzing this piece, I still believe that my interpretation can fit. It is not directly said, but it seems as though the girl is blind and the man dancing with her is not. What I noticed was how at first, the woman could not see where she was going, but as soon as she met the man, she was able to see and looked a lot happier in general. However, by the end of the video, the man abruptly leaves her and she becomes blind, alone, and scared once again, using sound to guide her back again. I wanted to explain how in today’s society, many able people seek the disabled/give them attention when able people need it such as for inspiration porn or general motivation. However, when people without disabilities become bored or do not need the impaired anymore, they abruptly leave. Many able people today do not take the time to truly immerse themselves in disability culture, only when it is convenient, and I believe that this piece represents that.