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Disability Culture - The Paralympic Games

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I chose to look into the Paralympic Games as my example of disability culture. In the link above, a video showing Basketball highlights at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, I believe the viewer can see the passion and love that the players have for the game. I believe the games show that physically disabled people live their lives to the extreme, and are just as able to compete at high levels of sport as non disabled athletes. I believe the Games also show the progressive attitude of non-disabled people towards the disabled community, as there is a lot of support for the games. 

List of Sports at the Summer Paralympic Games (22):

Archery (since 1960)
Athletics (since 1960)
Boccia (since 1984)
Cycling: Track and Road cycling (since 1984)
Equestrian (since 1996)
Football 5-a-Side (since 2004) - for vision imparied
Football 7-a-Side (1984-2016) - for athletes with cerebral palsy
Goalball (since 1980)
Judo (since 1988)
Paracanoe (from 2016

Paratriathlon (from 2016)

Powerlifting (since 1984)
Rowing (since 2008)
Sailing (2000-2016)
Shooting (since 1976)
Sitting Volleyball (since 1976)
Swimming (since 1960)
Table tennis (since 1960)
Wheelchair Basketball (since 1960)
Wheelchair Fencing (since 1960)
Wheelchair Rugby (since 2000)
Wheelchair Tennis (since 1992)

List of sports at winter games (6):

Alpine skiing
Cross-country skiing
Ice sledge hockey
Wheelchair curling