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Deaf jam thoughts

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I really enjoyed the documentary; it showed parts of Deafness that are difficult to portray when written, and have to be seen, particularly the fluidity and speed with which people sign. I also thought the friendship that grew between the Israeli girl and the hearing girl from Palestine was interesting, and I thought it was cool that they were able to navigate the language barrier (sometimes with an interpreter, sometimes without)  and be friends in spite of all their differrences. I thought at times, what the documentary tried to do with subtitles was a little bit cheesy, but I did appreciate how they tried to translate the nuances of ASL poetry into subtitles, particularly since it's simply so visual that to translate it into a series of words would be to deprive it almost entirely of meaning and power. Overall, I thought it was a very enlightening portrayal of the Deaf community at Lexington, and what they deal with on a regular basis.