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Teaching Storytelling

Once upon a time, a long time ago, before computers, before cars, before the wheel, television, radio, and the telephone their existed the need for entertainment. Face it, after hauling the wood, burning it, harvesting the crops, caring for each other, people needed something to do. What do you think they did in these leisure moments?
During the day, when the elders needed a means to communicate their wisdom to their descendants. Fathers and mothers needed a means by which to train their young on the ways of daily life and they needed a way to educate the children about survival. How do you think they taught their children about successful living and values?
Storytelling is the oldest form of education.
  • Stories capture the imagination.
  • Stories engage the emotions.
  • Stories open the minds of listeners to the another's perspective.
  • Stories bind people tellers and listeners into communities.

Teaching Storytelling is an intrical part of education. Storytelling is a bridge between the child's first language (gestures and speech) and his second language (writing). Teachers can encourage and build story telling skills using the "telling" of stories as the base of the process:

Yields An Alive Story

retell the story for editing and to add details

Put The Story Into Writing

& retell to add details

Tell The Story To A Willing Listener