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Grade VII Science Unit on The Characteristics of Living Things for Students

DAY 1:

  1. Class discussion of living things.
  2. Homework assignment:Look at two web sites.
    1. Go to the following web site or click here.
      • Look at the photos and determine whether objects are living or non-living and explain why you made the choice. Write your answers in the table that you received in class.

    2. Now go to the following web site or click here.
      • Use resource called "Is It Alive." Click on "View".
      • Click on "Take a test drive."
      • Click on "View" again to view the video.
      • Click "captions on" and watch the video. Determine whether the objects are living or not living and explain why you made the choice. Write your answers in the same table you used for #1. There will be some duplication.

    3. Now look at all your observations recorded on your table and see if you can come up with a list that describes the characteristics of all living things.

DAY 2:

  1. Discussion of homework assignment
  2. Students will read their lists of the characteristics of living things.
  3. Homework assignment:(If time permits, can be started in class.)

    1. Go to the following web site or >click here.
      • Once on this site, you must do a search. Click off k-2. Click on 6-8, video, interactive, image, and life science. Click search. The videos are organized in different pages.
        1. On page 1-20, Click "Animal Defenses" and "Animal Hearing." View both with captions on.
        2. On page 41-60, click "Function of Fever," "Germinator," and "Masters of Disguises." View all with captions on.
        3. On page 61-80, click "The Mating Game," "Mitosis," "The Power of Touch," and "Single-Celled Organisms." View all with captions on.
      • The assignment is:
        1. For each video clip, write three observation that you think might describe a characteristic of living things. Write your observations on table given as a handout in class. We will discuss your observation in class.

    2. Bring to class an object that you think shows three characteristics of living things but is not alive.

    DAY 3:

    1. Discussion of homework. Students will discuss their observations.
    2. Students will present their non-living objects and explain the characteristics of living things met by the object as well as why they think the object is non-living.
    3. Homework assignment:In complete sentences, write a paragraph to answer the following question, "Is a seed living or non-living and why?" Use information we have discussed to support your answer. Write your name and section on the top of your paper, as this assignment will be collected in class.

    For the teacher version of this unit, click here.