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Do you have students who are not learning, are not motivated to learn?

Do you have students that have been tested for everything and still are not motivated.

Do you wonder how you could make a difference with the students in your class?


Do you have children who are not learning and you do not know why?

Do you have children who are "under achievers"?

There are a lot of sources to explore to help you with these questions and other questions on motivation. There are several links on My Resource link for you to gather information. Also you can search the web and make some links on your own. Experiment with ideas and see what works and what does not work.

My Observations:

Remember theses are strictly "my" ideas and may not be less wrong.

  • Our education system needs to change to adjust to unmotivated students --not the other way around.

  • Teachers need to research talking to the brain and see if they can get it less wrong. This is important--try and see what works. They are not bad teachers--this is a hard job.

  • Teachers and parents may need to remember--differentiated instruction. Students are not all the same. They all learn differently--different learning styles

  • There are a lot of great ideas. Please go to My Resource Page and read the articles.


My Resource Page

The Talking Brain Visit Sherry Morris's Web Site. Click on The Talking Brain.

Children as Individuals Visit Angela Morris's Web Site. Click on Children as Individuals.