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Personal Posting 3

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This past week I was sitting and listening to two friends talk about a third party.  The third party had a trational Asian sounding name, which also sounded like another mutual friend of our's name.  One of the friends present at the conversation looked up and said, in reference to the friend with the traditional Asian name, "why is her name like that... I thought she was from New York!"  I couldn't believe that he could say something so blatenly racist, and not realize that he was being racist.  Upon hearing this I straight up told him, "That was racist and you can't say that here."  He can't say that anywhere, but I was especially trying to stress the fact that he couldn't say something like that here at Haverford.  It is amazing though because is somebody who has been all around the world to many different countries, and has hosted many foriegn exchange students.  One would think that maybe he would be a little more racially and ethnically aware... but I guess not...