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Kumashiro and my placement

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            I was interested by Kumashiro’s discussion of “willingness to learn” in the beginning of chapter 2. His stories about “M” and “N” demonstrate the idea that just because a student does not learn from one teaching style doesn’t mean they are unwilling to learn, they simply need a new strategy. This presents an difficult problem: while each student learns differently than their peers, a system of standards and norms still must be established in public schools which use taxpayer money. This allows for students to be incorrectly characterized.

            I also enjoyed Kumashiro’s idea of learning through emotional crisis. Though this can be a very uncomfortable way to learn, it still results in learning. When I was at my placement at a senior center today, I had a discussion with a very vocal senior who was against teaching LGBTQ language & history in school because she believed it would upset and confuse students. I wonder how she would respond to Kumashiro’s idea that being upset/confused/in crisis can be a productive learning tool.