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Inquiry Project

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This summer I will be working with the National Park Service in the North Cascades, and one of the things I talked with my supervisor about possibly doing while I'm there is helping to start a diversity Junior Ranger program at the park. For my inquiry project, I want to draw connections between what we are doing in this class and what I will be doing this summer - I plan to look at ways to make Junior Ranger programs more inclusive and multicultural, by talking about how our identities relate to and influence our experiences of nature and the outdoors. The age range for this program would probably be roughly 6-11, but open to kids of all ages. I want to create either a curicculum for this program, or if I am able to, I would love to create an actual Multicultural Junior Ranger booklet. 


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What a great way to go with your inquiry project!  So you'll be investigating intersections between diverse identities and experiences of nature?  Dorceta Taylor has done some work on this, Evelyn White has a great essay called "Black Women and the Wilderness," and of course there's quite a bit else out there on this.  Anne Dalke and I did an ESem on identity and the environment as well.  So as you begin to investigate, feel free to touch base with me and/or Anne about what you're learning and looking for!