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Inquiry area: Sex education

Approach: Research different types of sex education (or lack thereof), and form a paper / curriculum / to be determined final project summarizing findings and potential improvements thereupon. Potentially interview people of varying sexual / romantic identifications on their experiences in various sex ed curriculums. General idea is to get a feeling of how various current sexual education practices affect students on a personal and educational level, and see what improvements (if any) can be made that benefit students without further victimizing or miseducating them. 


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Great direction (and perhaps inspired somewhat by that enactment?), and I have two suggestions.  First, this is a large area, so you'll need to narrow it down somewhat, which you could do by age, most obviously, but I'm sure there are other narrowing strategies as well (e.g. by state, looking at it in terms of a particular issue or question).  I think that as you start to investigate, ways of narrowing and focusing will become clear to you.  Secondly, it sounds like you're planning to do some interviews; is that right?  If so, you'll need to think about sampling strategies, kinds of interview questions, etc.  And in any case, I recommend that you also do some library/internet research first to lay out and frame some of the key issues and help orient your interviews.