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10 Minute Documentary on Cultural Exhange in North Philly

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This is a fun and heart-warming short 10 minute documentary about an after school program in North Philadelphia. The program leader sets up skype sessions with kids across the world to facilitate cultural exchange. I wish it was not so focused on the male students, and I wish it gave a little more context on the program, but it is a very cool way to educate kids about different cultures.


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That's really cool! I heard a speech once where Jimmy Carter said that he believed that it was these kinds of technologies that were going to keep (or create) our world at peace. He referenced his elementary-aged grandkid who skyped with children in China with his classmates at school. Carter's point was that if young kids are often befriending and ineracting with others who are supposedly "different" from them, they won't likely want to go to war against those same children when they grow. It's an idealistic notion, but one I'm fond of. Thanks for sharing this!