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This Week's Work: Sept.1 - Sept. 7

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Happy First Day of School! 

Tues, 9/2: 

(ENGL) Who are we? Putting the Categories into Play

(SOWK) After class, ee Whitbourne, S.K. (2008) Chapters 2 & 8.  In Adult Development and Aging: Biopsychosocial Perspectives.  John Wiley & Sons: New York for a reading to support introductory lecture

Wed, 9/3:

(ENGL) Log on to Serendip, select a user name and an avatar, & use that image to introduce yourself on our course forum

Th, 9/4:

(ENGL) June Jordan, “Report from the Bahamas, 1982." Meridians 3, 2 (2003): 6-16. 

(ENGL) Mary Louise Pratt, "Arts of the Contact Zone." Profession (1991): 33-40.