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This Week's Work: Sept. 6 - Sept. 12

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Sun. 9/7:
(ICPR) By 5 p.m.  Post on Serendip a reflection (ideas, questions, conundrums, close readings) on the reading for Monday.
We will build our conversation Monday around these reflections.

Mon. 9/8:
(ICPR) Eli Clare, Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation
We will pay particular attention to "the mountain" and Part ii: bodies, "freaks and queers" and "reading across the grain"
Reread Solomon excerpt and bring to class revised identity graphs/models

(ENGL) By 5 p.m. create a webby post on Serendip, answering this question:
what name, what image, would you select to represent what you are learning
about who Eli Clare is/how he is in the world. Log in first--then you might
want to go straight to a 'visualization' of what's happened so far:
Or you could look @ the webby posts 'roadmap':
In either case, once you've read around in the posts that others have done, formulate
your contribution to the conversation that's evolving, and create a webby post:
Be sure to tag which post you're responding to, and the relation of your post to that one.

Tues, 9/9:
(ENGL) Eli Clare, Part I: "Home." Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation.

(SOWK) Read Bettelheim's (pgs. 1-19) introduction to his text The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales
Please bring a childhood photograph to class. 

Wed. 9/10:
(ICPR) Continue discussing Exile and Pride
Tobin Siebers, “Disability and the Theory of Complex Embodiment-For Identity Politics in a New Register,” in DSR
Viewing: especially Circle Stories and Self-Portraits

Thurs. 9/11:
(ENGL) Eli Clare, Part II: "Bodies." Exile and Pride.