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I agree with rosea – I think Clare would have picked a name reminding him of the stones, but feel he might chose "WarmingStones" as his username, rather than CollectedStones because of the symbolic sugnificance of the stones' warmth. Clare's process of collecting the stones seems to me secondary to holding and warming the stones in his pockets. The "stones in [his] heart" were significant because Clare felt he couldn't warm them – but he continued to try. 

For his photo, I think Clare would choose Riva Lehrer's portrait of him. It's full of details representing the various aspects of his identity and it's something he claims as a representation of his 'self' on his own website. He clearly seems comfortable claiming the image. He also speaks openly and claims many personal details and stories in Exile and Pride. I don't think Clare would feel the need to hide or disguise his identity on Serendip. 


(Riva Lehrer – I would link to her website, but it appears to be down for the moment...)

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