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R - Zine Contrabution

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Since we didn't discuss a length, mine might be a little long? If it seems long, I can put something together before printing that is shorter (it's the essay I did on the intersection on race and the transgender identity). Or I can add an image or two to the mix to break up the text more. Idk, whatever makes things easier.


EDIT: correct attachment added

PDF icon racextransgenderism.pdf164.08 KB
PDF icon racextrans FIXED.pdf167.17 KB


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I think this is an amazing post and I think we can have more than one page if needed. Will you format it into the measurements we posted on the FB group? I also posted the template that Sula made! Please let me know if you can't and I will add it to the list of ones I have to format tomorrow!

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damn i'm sorry for not being more on top of this.

if it hasn't been put together yet, I have fixed it to go with the template that i also didn't see (i'm so great at this y'all)

(i added a second pdf labeled FIXED and that file should be right)