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Post #12

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I'd like to echo the desire for an exhibit of the artwork and other work that we did during the class. We've done so much work, and such constructive work, that we should show it to our campus! We should pick and choose what we want to show, as we probably don't want to show everything, though the Camphill portraits would be the most constructive to show. One of the things Anne pointed to, the Eco-Literacy 360, had an exhibit component that was up for most of a semester last spring, in the Library--is there some space where we could do something similar? If not, is there some way that we could at least leave our artwork up for a little bit (say, finals week), so that people who couldn't make it to the main event could still have an opportunity to see our work? It would also be a place for the Camphill residents to come and see our work too!

I also love the idea of holding a discussion on intersectionality--however, will we have enough time for that, what with the exhibit opening? This brings up an idea for me: what if we collected our favorite bits of writing into a zine to have to give out at the exhibit? We could still then have a partial conversation on campus, or even start one from what we write.

Also have to say, I was shocked on Friday that Riva said she wouldn't be returning to us. I would love it if we could bring back Riva to at least see the exhibit, as it feels like she did all this work with us, and then there's no closure. We can have the Camphill residents come to see us, why not her when she too was such an integral part of our experience?

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