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Plenary and Perry!

Plenary and Perry!

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A quick clarification/answer/support to Sunshine's questions re: plenary resolution about Perry House: YES. The year before you arrived, Sunshine, just after it was announced that Perry House would be closed, students on campus put together a plenary resolution about Perry House. The resolution can be found here (thank goodness past plenary packets are archived on the SGA blog!). It asks that a resolution to the closure of Perry House become a top priority by the administration and that student representatives be involved in all apsects of decision-making (particularly students from various BMC affinity groups). For some more Perry House info in a more-accessible-than-Roberts-Rules-phrasing format, see: Perry House Couch.

Also of interest in light of recent activism on the admission of Trans women to BMC, I found this serendip post. I was here in Spring 2012 and can confirm this didn't end up being presented at Plenary. Maybe the time has come to do that...? Or, maybe we need to take a different course of action.

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