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Piss on Pity and Naturally Queer

Piss on Pity and Naturally Queer

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While I agree with khinchey's choice of icon for Eli Clare, I'm not sure if I can agree with the choice of username in both the previous post and the root post. In the same passages that you both cite, there is a to+ne of resentment and too much negativity attached on 

I personally think that Clare would have chosen a less-negatively-charged name such as Naturally Queer. Queer is a slur that he discusses as being reclaimed, and is quite proud of. It also implies his profound feeling of connection with the natural world, and reinforces the fact that queerness is just a variation of humanity, not an aberration. 

I'll elaborate a little more tomorrow and edit my post, once my head has cleared enough to be able to think... my cold has literally impared my ability to think at this point. 

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