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My avatar, myself

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In the search for an avatar I thought I would Google photos of Lisa Simpson, a character from one of my favorite TV shows who I've always admired and identified with. She is the competent, ever-learning little sister in a family that is hilarious and strange and, more than occassionally, hard to live with. I stumbled across this image of Lisa in a witch's hat saying, "Why is it when a woman is confident and powerful, they call her a witch?" The scene and quote stood out to me, and not only because I thought I was a witch for a majority of my childhood. I think it speaks to the lives of many strong women in my life who have faced opposition and hate when they prove themselves to be intelligent individuals who refuse to be quiet for convention's sake. Lisa's mission in life to be the best she can be and never apologize for it has inspired me since the beginnings of my youth, and this screenshot of her standing up for what she believes is a visual representation of what I and countless other women struggle with in the world. But, like Lisa Simpson, others' negativity cannot keep me from embodying the confident and powerful woman I strive to be.