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Hummingbird's picture

I'm Hummingbird – a Serendip persona I've had for two years now, since my last 360. I picked the name in honor of my great-grandmother, who passed away the summer before Women in Walled Communities began, and for whom hummingbirds were sparks of brightness and joy in her otherwise somewhat monotonous days. The name was also appropriate for my identity as a Bryn Mawr student (you may have heard the E.B. White quotation on being married to Katherine White – a Bryn Mawr almumna).

My avatar represents a different part of my identity. I took the photo this past summer while visiting family in New Zealand. It shows dual footprints walking away on the sand – human and bird. The pair was simply a coincidence, but the motion serves as a metaphor of my own path; I'm starting to bridge away from Bryn Mawr and other places I think of as "home" and move towards something new. Hopefully, as I move through these spaces I'll leave something positive behind.