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Intersectionality Paper Proposal

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(Adding this now, as I forgot to post it last week during the zine preparations.)

For my final paper on intersectionality, I would like to do a paper on the interplay of economics (and capitalism), themes of age, and issues of disability in Good Kings, Bad Kings. Throughout the novel, each point of view character play into and against structures of capitalism, expressed in the institution of ILLC. Many of the characters are trapped by "the System", as Joanne refers to it as, and have varying levels of consciousness of that System. Additionally, the structure of institutionalization of the disabled plays into questions of age, especially in the case of Theodore--he spends much of the novelattempting to avert being transferred to a nursing home, from ILLC. At ILLC, he is treated along with all the other residents as being a dependent child, despite the fact that he is into his twenties. At a nursing home, he would be treated as one of the elderly, a group that is also infantilized. I will frame my interpretation of this based on the ideas of Waring (feminist economics) and of Mohanty (feminism as anticapitalist).