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I chose the word crip as Eli Clare's name because while reading crip stood out to me as a defining name that I had never came across. Claire goes into great depth of usage of crip and queer and the reclaiming of both terms. I beleive the term is what Clare identifies with as well as a term that builds a community between him and other disabled people. I chose the landscape of the Elk River as his photo because Claire has a deep connection with nature and references the Elk river as where he first learned about nature. This idea he expands on withing Clearcut: explaining the distance. His attachment to nature he finds is unlike the people he works with while living in the city. His ideas of how should be perserved as well as the personfied lens he noticed many of his collegues viewed flora and fauna. I beleive that his shift of view about why perserving forests and rivers and protecting animals resembles his shift in identity regarding the words crip and queer.