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Camphill Portrait

Camphill Portrait

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Unlike other Camphill portraits, my portrait doesn't feature a Villager. Rather, my portrait is representative of Camphill Kimberton as a whole. I drew the Camphill logo in its mountain on the top of the portrait. Directly underneath is woven paper to represent the weavery at camphill. Each of the paper peices also represent a piece of camphill. Lavender from the garden, a honey dipper from the apiary, bread from the bakery, an apple from the orchard, felted wool from the fiber arts studio, and milk from the dairy. 

Making a Camphill portrait was difficult because I left early. However, I was really happy to have given my portrait to Beth, who I hadn't met yet. I had been worried about re-entering the space of Camphill, and also to not have a villager to reminisce with. But when Beth looked really excited to keep the portrait, and then later asked me to take a picture with her, I felt really proud of the work I had done, and that I could give her something that she would be happy about. 

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