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Camphill Caring

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I won't forget the last day I went to work with Eva. She was working in the house for the older villagers who require more care and the sun cast beautiful shadows on the comfy furniture within. Eva proceeded to start dusting everything in the room, as the house mother indicated, and I took a seat in one of the chairs and photographed her working in the sun. When she got to one bookshelf, I realized it held several memorial books of past villagers. I remember Eva had told me her boyfriend, Herb, died a few years ago and realized his memorial book was there. I started looking through it, learning about his childhood, when he came to Camphill very young (around the same age as Eva, between 17-19), and looked at pictures of his adventures. There were several pictures of the two of them together, and I was pleased to see Eva so happy. This book was told from a first person perspective, but I got the feeling a volunteer had helped him write it while he was staying in this house. I was touched that the volunteers made an effort to engage with the villagers in that way and was delighted to consider how excited Herb must have been by the process. I was proud of this consideration and caring, and to have met someone with whom Eva was so close.