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Assignments and Time Line for Our Last Hurrah

Identity Matters Tags

'Zinesters: Amelia, Kate, Niki (and Rebecca = photography, Rhett ??)
Campus Center Gallery: Rebecca, Bridget and Sophia
Outreach: Gabby, Sula, Rhett
Structuring the intentional conversation: Natalie and Nkechi
Bottom-liner: Abby

Timeline (with questions)
5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 7: all submissions to 'zine posted on Serendip
8 a.m. Tuesday morning: completed 'zine to SarahT, who will print copies
4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 9: install portraits; fold, assemble and
set out ‘zines for distribution in the Campus Center main hall
Friday morning, Dec. 12: move portraits to Rhoads Dining Hall, and set up room for storytelling
Noon-2 p.m. Fri, Dec 12: intentional conversation in Rhoads Dining Hall
2 p.m: clean up, break down (Anne will take portraits for safekeeping, and bring them to Ely Room on Monday)
10-1 p.m. Mon, 12/15: On-campus visit from Camphill Villagers-->
be at Campus Center by 10 to welcome them,
give campus tours 10-11,
re-gather in Ely Room @ 11 to present portraits,
lunch served @ noon,
departure @ 1.