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#12 – Representation and/as Listening

#12 – Representation and/as Listening

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I'm seeing "listening" as the theme for this semester. Listening to our classmates. Listing at Camphill. Listening to ourselves, our bodies, our emotions. Listening outside of ourselves. I'm also seeing the representation we did as a kind of listening. I'm wondering whether there's a way to incorporate that into our final event in some way? Perhaps a meditative or mindfulness activity at the beginning or end of our "showing" to invite our guests to be present?

Agreeing with rosea et. al. that I would really love for us to show our artwork. I've being trying to explain to friends outside our 360º why I spent the past week doing artwork and I haven't quite figured out how. I think a display/gallery of our work would help explain that and open up some of the space we inhabited this semester to others. 
I'm wondering whether we could have our work displayed longer than the brief event we hold. Is there a possibility of making a gallery space for our work in order to invite in those outside our 360º community who might otherwise be unable to make it? In light of Anne's video of us, I'm also thinking about a documentary/documentation of our experience. Perhaps something like that could be run on repeat in the gallery space with our artwork so visitors would have a better understanding of what we've been doing? I'd also be interested in having our visitors not only gaze but also participate in some way. Maybe an ongoing silent discussion?
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