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Dungy Talk

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


(5ish minutes) We will begin by each read a poem from the book, although not one of the one's that they will work with. So far we are reading "Language", "In His Library", "The Preachers go out for DInner" and "What You Want"

(10ish minutes) Groups of 2-3, asking each group to interpret a section of this poem kinesthetically, visually or in an auditory manner. Ask that your presentation be around 3-5 minutes. 

Field Notes week 6

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This week the kindergarten was closed on Monday because of a power outage, so I ended up going to the Haverford farm to work with A again. It was an hour and a half of transplanting kale, which was fine. Not paticularly interesting. So I decieded to join Paola and go to the kindergarten on Friday like last week, because I did not feel that I really learned or observed anything interesting on Monday.

Paper Proposal

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Last paper I wrote about how scientific education can be empowering or disempowering. This paper I wish to focus instead on what I have learned from my field notes. Looking at my field notes I find that I focus a lot on student to student interactions, and how the teachers can enhance or disrupt these interactions. I want to go through my field notes with a fine comb and talk about some of the different interactions that I have witnessed between students that teachers perhaps should have disrupted (fighting, mean words) or should not have disrupted (bonding, playing) and the compare those to experiences enhanced by teachers (sharing circle, snack and story, playing).