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Notes on conversation with AW

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There is a Vista who is a partnership coordinator

Community partner relationship with a school

Phila Mayor Kenny will select 10 schools to be community schools

Would help us keep doing what we are doing in a more supported and recognized way

vertical, siloed school to hub or wheel

Principal is a huge proponent for mental and emotional health integrated into school day

1 school psychologist -- for 800 kids.

Principal would like another one, or social worker -- work during the school day and after into the night time

Longer building hours

GED training, career support and training

Health services

Full time nurse (now only 2 days out of the week now)

Cincinatti transforming their whole district

Big part of the model is listening to the community, not imposing -- come from the ground up, a desire-based framework

Cincinatti - dental care a big problem

whole service dental clinic is right in the schoo, happens during the day

re-imagining the building

ESL, yoga,

Question: study circles, arts, activism?

"wrap-around literacy culture" -- article about this

At school, there are monthly community partner meetings

Idea: set out a manual for the school year

key points throughout the year

Founder of Puentes started by going to church with people -- grassroots

possible but not easy -- takes time, intentionally committed people

Transition would take time and resources . . . ongoing conversations -- stewarded by someone who could really take care year by year

Placement in a community school would be useful

College centralize resources in a school -- could be a placement for classes that don't even usually have one

same sphere . . . 

Different threads going into the same project

Collegiate partner -- 

resources, people, money, 


1. What would have to change with respect to people's time?

Financial resources to unburden school personnel, ie principal doing job of nurse

2. Boundary between role of community school and role of parent?

It's a fine line.

parent and family education series, 3 workshops fall and spring -- one with teachers about homework support and additional learning opportunities at home, one on child development with a psychologist, taxes/financial, home literacy

personal determination, very delicate

3. Do/how do the holistic approaches come into the classrooms themselves?

the 7 o'clock meeting every day

4. Can students access what staff talk about? Or is there/could there be a forum for students to share concerns?  

Student voice important in a community school model. Kenny said important to treat families and communities as assets

5. How to value students holistically? Not just as students?  De-center grades as a reflection of their potential.

Parent-led ongoing lesons in the indigenous language of the community, teacher learned this by being nearby -- put experiences together of the same students

value of home visits

Puentes tutors interpret at report card conferences, and also interpret the policies -- kids are not getting to use all of their linguistic abilities

6. Document, archive

7. Faculty with specialities

8. Expansion of adult program, will there also be a high school?

What is Kenney's focus?

HUB -- integrated space -- ie women's/mom's group 1-2x a month -- informal gatherings -- bring in partners to add