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Local Narratives

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"Many of the course texts reflected what Forman (2002) calls the "extreme local," or hip-hop's narrative preoccupation with specific cities, area codes, neighborhoods, housing projects, and so forth within its texts. Throughout the semester, students consitently expressed a preference for texts that emphazied geographic secificty and local knowledge..."

The geography of any region affects the living of its inhabitants. The place is as good as the people in it. I truly believe that geographical conditions of a region plays an important influence on the social and cultural norms of the people in it. One's neighborhood plays an important role in his or her life in terms of origins. Students tend to be more motivated and inspired to talk about where they come from and there is no better way but to express that narratively through music. There is a burning fire when it comes to real world problems or when students draw from their personal experiences to let others understand what they go through. The importance of hip-hop narrative is it's ability to engage all students to speak about the significance of their lives, which also helps one become more reflective and instrospective overtime. Nowadays, artists reflect who they are and what they feel by expressing themselves and their expereinces in the lyrics of their songs. Often times lyrics tell a story. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to what the artists/ narrator are trying to protray. 

I believe music helps everyone learn because it establishes a positive learning state, creates a desired atmosphere, energizing learning activities, increases attention and concentration, improves memory, and there is also an element of fun. It is a great way to make and find meaning out of one's life and struggles. Everyone has a story to tell and wisdom to share. No one knows their story better than themselves and everyone likes talking about what they're passionate in.  Passion is a great tool to unleash creativity and to understand passion, one must understand their own world and not let expectations be set by sterotypes that hold them back from taking risks to open up and express their stories.