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Identity influenced access, and viseversa

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Growing up my parents always made it clear that education was #1 priority, because of this I can't tell if me going to school and prioritizing education is natural or socially constructed. As I sit here re-reading the prompt, I realize that it is hard for me to tell whether it was my identity influenced my access, or the other way around. I always knew I had to go to school because my parents always told me so, but it wasn't until I got to high school that I realized that going to school wouldn't be enough if you are not receiving adequate education -- which was the case for me in high school. This is when my passion for equal access to adequate education began. My high school was shut down due to budget cuts my senior year, this was the year where I was mostly active in community organizing. Because of my first hand experience with the major education gaps, my identity now revolves helping others, serving as a gatekeeper for equal access to THINGS in general.